Is it a Photo or a Watercolor?

You may wonder if the images you are looking at are really photos or watercolors? They certainly don't look like photographs.  The truth is, they really are photographs...with one big difference. They are not printed on traditional photo paper, but rather on 124 lb. rough watercolor paper. And therein lies the unique difference.

When printing on watercolor paper, the colors are softened, which produces a more subtle color tone and vibrancy. Plus, the watercolor paper provides a visible texture that is missing when printing the image on photo paper. The end result is an image that looks more like a painting than photography.

So if you?re asked, Is it a photo or watercolor?,'ll know the answer!

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I headed west in the mid-'70's to escape the snow and cold of the frozen tundra.

First stop was Phoenix, Arizona. It was there that I became interested in the history and the ancient Native American and Spanish archeological sites of the Southwest. For the next 10 years I explored and photographed the area extensively.

From there it was on to California where he spent the next 21 years continuing my interest in the history of the area. Most notable are the historic 21 Spanish Missions of California.

Having recently relocated to the Pensacola area, I now capture all of the beauty and history that is the Emerald Coast of Florida.

My work is represented and sold through several U.S. National Parks and leading retail outlets throughout the Southwest, West, Alabama & Florida.

We also provide Custom greeting cards, notecards and litho prints to individuals and businesses. Contact me for complete details.

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